The Fashion Project.

In ya face!


So im figuring many people are going to ask the stupid question…”What does slapdash mean?” Maybe if they read a dictionary or took the time to Google, they might just find the hell out. Moving on….So. Im a pretty new blogger ( clearly ) but I’ve been in SL long enough to know what fashion consists of there. Not all fantastic but there is some really great things going on there. Personally, anything loud, bright, obnoxious, crazy…all good in my book. Screaming….with fashion has always been something that attracts me, and if you are reading this I suppose it would to you to. Thus, I find most of the fashion blogs on SL either geared to only one designer, or…..I find alot of them dont really have style in the first place. Style and throwing things on…doesn’t make you a fashionista, hell it doesn’t even make you stylish. So calm down and be yourself. For this look at least, something for the blog but I kept the styling pretty simple, since that was the whole point of the De Stijl Movement ( Google again people ).

// Skin . Lelutka – Estelle Stan – Makeup 7

// Hair . lamb – Glass Candy in Ink

// Dress . Magoa – Mondriana’s Return ( CFC Exclusive )

// Shoes . Lelutka – Saffron Pumps in Royal Blue

// Earrings . Osakki – Disk Earrings in Pewter

// Eyes . Osakki – Reflection Eyes in Slate

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